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Whenever we see beautiful, lush flowers or just treat ourselves with a bouquet, the temptation is to capture their incredible beauty and post it on Instagram, Facebook or even Snapchat. However, are we going about it in the best way? There are secrets, tips and techniques to taking the perfect floral picture. Discover them in this blog, which describes how to get the most out of your flower photos from your phone.

1. Get On a New Level

We tend to take photos from eye-level or from the angle of looking down at something because that’s how we see the world. However, this can make for quite plain and uninteresting pictures.

Flowers are so beautiful and delicate. Accentuate this by taking an extreme close up of a delicate petal or by using an aerial shot of a massive flower bed. Explore unique, creative angles and ‘work the scene’ as they say in the photography world. You may surprise yourself with the incredible photos that develop.

2. Set the Focus

Here’s a tip for us amateur photographers, on an iPhone, and on most Android phones, you can direct where the camera focuses by tapping the screen. If you want your flowers to be the focus on the shot, tap the area of the screen where they are. If you want the flowers to be out of focus, tap elsewhere in the camera to set the auto focus. This can help create unusual scenes with depth of foreground and background.

By making sure your flowers are contrasted clearly against a background colour, you can contrast the focus even further. For example, if you’re focusing the camera on a bed of flowers, try to choose a patch where the background is all an even green.

3. Lights, Camera, Action!

It’s cliche but it’s true, in photography lighting is everything. To give your flowers the most chance for vibrant colour, try photographing them on a cloudy day. The soft, even white light of the sky makes sure there are no dark spots or shadows on the flower. It also highlights the leaves delicacy and makes it easy to get a good amount of exposure (a photography term light intensity).

If it is sunny, backlight your flowers. Make sure the sun is directly behind your flowers and it will light them up and make them glow. This again exposes the lightness and delicacy of the petals and can make for a beautiful photo.

We hope you have fun playing with new found photography skills. An easy way to be creative in our busy adult lives, let us know if you try any of these out. If you’re really happy with one, don’t forget to send it to us! #lucysflorist on Instagram or contact our customer service team. We’d love to repost it on our feed for you guys. Good luck!

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