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Our Staff

Lucy's Florist wouldn't be the same without Lucy. Her sense of style, colour and balance are what make our designs unique. She takes the freshest of flowers and puts them together in a way that is natural and beautiful. Lucy is the one who insists on keeping the prices affordable because she believes it shouldn't cost the earth to show someone you care.

When she's not busy at the florist, out and about sourcing new materials and suppliers or dreaming up the latest seasonal collection, Lucy is completing further studies in interior design, to add to the post graduate degree she already has. She also loves fashion and shopping!

Veronica's floristry experience started at the age of 10, when she would copy mum's arrangements, playing with different combinations of colours and flowers. She helped out every Valentine's and Mother's Day and on weekends as well.

Even though Veronica loves creative arts and music, she started a career in banking and project management after uni. She has always been drawn back to the florist and developing her own style. Veronica relished the opportunity to launch the new logo, brand and website in December 2010. She is involved in the new seasonal collections twice a year and also looks after the corporate accounts, website and operating infrastructure, so the project side of things has actually come in pretty handy.

Geoff has an undergrad degree in industrial design, a post graduate in journalism and worked for several years in television as a promo producer. All of this means he has a great eye, loves talking to people and can work to deadlines - fantastic traits for a florist!

In addition to 5am runs to the market to source fresh flowers several times a week, taking care of all the local orders and deliveries and managing the day to day work, Geoff is also the marketing manager and keeps busy writing and producing print, web and radio advertising. Geoff also photographs all the new products for the website.

Jon's background is in finance and IT, so it is no wonder he is our technology guru! He shares the 5am market run with Geoff and also the end of day pack down and clean up.

Jon also handles the recruitment and management of our casual staff and in addition to being the technology guru is the social media guru, so he runs our facebook page, newsletter and customer loyalty programme.