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Question: what’s the most obvious way in which shopping has changed over the past decade or two? The answer is simple: the internet.

Indeed, pretty much everyone has bought something online: clothes, electronic gadgets, books, furniture, music, food – and the list goes on and on.

But here’s a growing online shopping trend that you might not have realised was ‘a thing’: flowers. That’s right, more and more people want to buy their flowers online – and so more and more florists are rising to the challenge.

Some people, however, may wonder if it’s a trend that will really last. Is picking out a beautiful bunch of flowers one of those things that should be left to the physical store alone?

Here at Lucy’s Florist, where in addition to our Sydney store we also sell flowers and gifts online, we reckon that the online florist trend is here to stay.

And here’s why:

1. Order when you want

Shopping for flowers – whilst rewarding and sure to brighten someone’s day – is often not a priority. It’s not like picking up a prescription or taking the car in for a service: flowers are one of life’s beautiful luxuries. So shopping online means you can make flower shopping a priority even outside of normal business hours, and without having to rush through Sydney traffic when you really don’t have time.

2. Don’t skip an afterthought

Ever forgotten someone’s special day? Or you just didn’t have time to do any browsing at the shopping mall? Flowers are always a great last-minute gift for just about every occasion, so even if you’re remembering right at the last moment, it’s fast and easy to jump online.

3. Get more information

If your only option is the physical store, it’s unlikely you’ll do much ‘shopping around’. But it’s easy to do online window shopping, meaning you’ll get a good price, the product you really want, and all the information you need about the florist in question including shopper reviews, extremely helpful photo portfolios, and tips about what to buy for occasions like Valentine’s Day or autumn.

4. A huge range

Simply because a physical shop is a limited space, there is a limit to how many products they can display. But with an online florist, it’s super-easy to see and browse through an entire range that is divided into helpful categories, such as ‘Shop by occasion‘.

Actually, these are just a few of the many benefits of an online florist like Lucy’s, so we’re sure you might be able to think of some more – we’d love to hear from you!

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