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Valentine's Day is almost here if you're not prepared read on! Aside from flowers, chocolates, candles or wine, here are some hot tips on easy, inexpensive surprises you can give your sweetheart.

Surprise Bubble Bath 

valentine's day bubble bath

Image: French Bedroom Co

This is a classic move. If your loved one enjoys a good bubble bath, surprise them with steaming hot bath strewn with red roses or their favourite flower. Champagne, candles and bubbles are requisite here.

So easy and simple!

Make It A Movie Night

valentine's day movie night

If your loved one loves (or tolerates) a good rom-com you can make it a romantic movie night, complete with popcorn, snuggly blankets, and chocolates. 

Write A Love Note

love letter

Sometimes the best messages are straight from the heart. No frills, no expenses - if your sweetheart loves declarations of love, this is a very meaningful way to go.

Cook His or Her Favourite Meal

valentine's day meal

Rather than spending money at an expensive restaurant on V-day, surprise them with their favourite dish. It's a simple, loving way to show you care.  

Complete A Chore

Some couples love it when their significant other shows love by doing that nagging chore no one wants to touch. You can make this practical like dropping off laundry or more fun e.g. a massage.

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