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Christmas is almost here, so it's time for drinking champagne, reconnecting with loved ones and surrounding yourself with all the things that make your heart happy. Flowers are an excellent place to start. Here are five blooms that we love to have near us each year at Christmas time.


These gorgeous flowers are ideal Christmas decorations. Bright red and characterised by a distinctive, shield-like shape, the central spikes — often white or yellow — even look like candle flames. The perfect flower to bring out the Christmas spirit, add a few anthuriums to a bouquet for a cheery, uplifting touch. Here at Lucy's Florist, we always include them in our Long Christmas Table arrangements.


Another bloom that'll catch the eye at Christmas time is the celosia, also known as the coxcomb. This one isn't shy, that's for sure. Its flowers are a brilliant blaze of red, orange or yellow and look like flames or coral. For a stunning arrangement, place celosias alongside frangipanis. You can also interweave them with seasonal foliage to turn them into wreaths. You'll often find celosias in our Mulan arrangement, where they contrast beautifully with Asiatic lilies and hydrangeas.


Would you like to bring a touch of elegance to your Christmas decorations? Head out and gather yourself some fresh lilies. These simple flowers are stunning anywhere — whether you place a single one in a vase or pair it with contrasting blooms, such as roses or celosias. We use Asiatic lilies in our Mulan and Snow White arrangements, as well as oriental lilies in our popular, red-and-green Autumn and Spring Fever bouquets.


There's a huge variety of leucadendrons available, from wildfires with their fire truck red centres and slim white petals, to inca golds, which, as the name suggests, are a cheery yellow in colour. Their sculptural shapes mean they work as unmissable decorations on their own: wrap one in a ribbon and there's an instant addition to your Christmas table.

Singapore Orchids


Like lilies, Singapore orchids are simple and pure. They add a touch of class to any bouquet, as their slender shapes work well against more compact blooms, such as celosias and proteas. Take a look at our Prince Charming pot arrangement to see a close up of the inspiring Singapore orchids.

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