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As the houseplant craze continues for 2019 we naturally start to think about placing houseplants everywhere, including the bedroom. But which houseplants would work best?

According to NASA, there are air purifying plants available that can help purify the oxygen in your bedroom, giving you a better and deeper nights sleep. Additionally, a study by the Journal of Psychological Anthropology found that houseplants introduced into a work environment can significantly improve mood and reduce stress - we're thinking the same can be said for bedroom decor.

So what are we all waiting for?! Let's all go get houseplants immediately - if nothing else the more plants the better for the environment ;) Here are 10 houseplants to introduce into your boudoir. 

Verigated Snake Plant

If you are a brown thumb, this is the perfect beginner plant for you to place in your bedroom. Able to survive in very low light conditions (but also bright direct light as well) this hardy plant creates a beautiful sculptural element to a room and is able to absorb multiple hazardous chemicals from the air including benzene, formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, and xylene.

Peace Lily 

Another rockstar of the air purifying world, Peace Lilies or Spathiphyllum are able to absorb all the toxic airborne chemicals NASA tested for. The only downside is they're toxic to cats and dogs so keep them up high if your pet likes to chew. 

peace lily

Devil's Ivy

devil's ivy

Another air purifier, Devil's Ivy is a great choice if you want a climbing plant in the room to create a jungle feel.  

Moth Orchids

moth orchid

We love a good Moth Orchid (shop our Phalaenopsis Orchid range here). Available in amazing variations usually of purple, pinks and whites, these delicate flowers are gorgeous to look at, air purifying, and can survive in low light environments (just make sure you spray them to keep up some humidity).  

Anthurium Plants (Flamingo Lilies) 

A staple in many a household, again Flamingo Lilies are well-rounded air purifiers - able to absorb formaldehyde, xylene, and ammonia. They also survive easily in low light conditions and produce these beautiful pink flowers and broad foliage that's a delight to look at. 

Have we piqued your interest? If you are considering a Flamingo Lily, Moth Orchid, or Peace Lily you can browse these plants in our potted plant range


Some images from Pinterest.

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