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A slump in productivity is common for everyone, but if you’re experiencing it almost every time you sit to work, there may be factors that are causing it and without you noticing them.

If you’re struggling to stay on task or you miss deadlines often, you probably have an uninspiring working environment that may be crushing your productivity. Whether you’re working at an office or at home, we’ve compiled ways on how you can improve your productivity and stay focused.

#1 Create a comfortable workspace

Photo by Elvis from Pexels

Let’s look at the factors that may directly affect your productivity first. This includes the temperature of the room you’re working in and the cleanliness of your table and your surroundings.

If the room is too cold or your desk is untidy, you’ll probably get distracted easily because you will shiver or notice the clutter everytime your eyes wander.

#2 Decorate your workspace with flowers or plants

Photo by Elina Fairytale from Pexels

There is a lot of research that proves flowers or plants are effective for boosting productivity. An article from Bazaar, for example, talks about their positive effects in the mind and body. Not only do they boost productivity, they also increase creativity and reduce stress levels. So if you still don’t have any in your workspace, this is your sign to add it stat!

Check out our collection at and you might fancy one for your table.

#3 Do not multitask

Photo by Vlada Karpovich from Pexels

Multitasking is not for everybody and is not recommended if you are trying to get things done. If you think that you can get more tasks done quickly by doing them at the same time, think again. Multitasking creates more errors, affects your quality of work, can increase your stress, and can make you less productive.

#4 Learn how to take a break

Photo by Samson Katt from Pexels

If you think that working non-stop equates to being productive, you are doing it wrong. It may lead you to burnout. If you are swamped with work and can’t take long breaks, short periods can be helpful.


#5 Remove distractions, reduce interruptions 


How can you stay focused if distractions or interruptions are there? Start with your phone. Technology today allows users to set their phones in silent mode or in a DND mode with exceptions. This means that you will still get notified with notifications that are important and you need to attend right away, while the rest will just come in without interrupting you. If you’re working at home, you can let your family members know that your specific area for working is off-limits and needs silence.

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