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Your wedding is your special day and one that you will have engraved in your memory for the rest of your life, so you want every detail to epitomise who you and your fiancé are as a couple. This is why choosing your bridal bouquet for your wedding ceremony is so significant. To make it easier for you to select the perfect floral arrangement for your bouquet, we’ve provided some essential tips below.

1.Wedding Dress First, Bridal Bouquet Second

It’s important to find your wedding dress before deciding on your bouquet design. The reason for this is your bouquet should suit your dress and enhance the silhouette, not hide or imbalance the style. By bringing a picture of your dress to your floral consultation, it will help your florist with flower selection and bouquet style inspiration, such as whether it will be modern and contemporary or classic and elegant.

2. Consider shape and size

The shape and size of your bouquet will depend on the style of your dress. With long trains and bustles, trailing bouquets look lovely, but this type of floral arrangement won’t work well with a shorter dress style, with detail on the skirt.

3. Research which flowers are in season

There’s no point having a stunning wedding bouquet designed in preparation for your wedding, to discover those floral varieties aren’t available on your wedding day. Ensure you do the research and only select flowers that are in season for your bouquet.

4. Add the details

Personalise your wedding bouquet by wrapping it in some spare material from your dress, if you’ve had it made yourself. Other ways to customise your bouquet include wrapping it in ribbon or attaching a brooch or pin that’s a family heirloom, fulfilling the tradition “something old and something new”.

If you have any great tips on bridal bouquets, we’d love you to leave a comment on our blog, to inspire our readers. For further help with deciding on a bridal bouquet, check out our blog on the many meanings of different roses.

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