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There’s nothing more beautiful than fresh flowers, so why not decorate your office space with some seasonal blooms? It’s been proven that flowers are good for mental health, enhancing your mood and generating happiness. A review on “The Psychological Benefits of Indoor Plants” by the Journal of Environmental Psychology also determined that staff members in offices with plants have better cognitive performance. With so many benefits to support plants in your office space, having flowers delivered is well worth it!

Regular Flower Deliveries

If you prefer bunches of fresh flowers delivered on a regular basis to your office, so you get to experience the surprise and excitement of having different floral arrangements arrive weekly or fortnightly, the team at Lucy’s Florist is happy to help. For corporate clients, a service can also be arranged for stunning floral arrangements to be delivered every week or at specific intervals on request.

Wide Variety Of Floral Arrangements

Lucy’s Florist sources the freshest seasonal blooms, so you can have the highest quality floral arrangements delivered all year round. The floral specialists can create floral arrangements of any size, from small bouquets to decorate your office desk, through to large, detailed arrangements that will make a statement in your office reception area. Before creating a floral arrangement for you, the friendly team will discuss your individual needs, so they can customise it to suit. Whether you’re wanting an arrangement that’s more classic or contemporary, at Lucy’s Florist, the team go above and beyond to deliver the perfect arrangement to complement your office space.

Floral Arrangements For Allergy Sufferers

At Lucy’s Florist, we know all too well that flowers can be more than just a burden for those that are allergy-prone. If you are allergic to flowers with a strong scent, there is also a vast selection of flowers that are suitable for those who suffer from allergies. If you’re an allergy sufferer who still loves flowers, we guarantee this guide by FTD Fresh will be helpful!

If you’ve got any great tips for flowers that are ideal for the office, please leave a comment. If you enjoyed this article, check out “The Eastern Suburbs Fresh Flower Trend” too.

To discover more about the gorgeous and competitively priced floral arrangements that are available for delivery to your office, contact our friendly team today!

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