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Father's Day is coming up on September 1st! It's a chance to tell dad how much you love and appreciate him and celebrate all he's given to you as a father. While some might say flowers are too girly for Dad's Day we disagree! Flowers have long symbolised love and appreciation which embodies the meaning of Father's Day. More importantly, what else do you get for the dad who says they don't need anything?! 

Here are some of our best Father's Day flower gift ideas and what they symbolise.  

Potted Plants

potted plants

If flowers aren't your dad's cup of tea, he may enjoy a potted plant or two for Father's Day. This gorgeous anthurium does well indoors and features a bright red cheerfulness dad will love.

Red Roses

red roses

Did you know that, historically, red and white roses are used to celebrate Father's Day? Red roses honour surviving father's while white roses are officially worn to honour deceased fathers and are a great way to signify remembrance. We personally love vibrant red roses to symbolise dad - red doesn't always have to mean romance!  

Australian Native Flowers

Australian native flowers

Why not celebrate dad's day with some beautiful Australian native flowers? Not only do they support local industry, Native Flowers thrive in Australian weather and can last for months once cut.  



A traditionally girly flower, tulips are also used in Australia to represent springtime and are a great way to show love and care.  Since Father's Day begins right around spring, tulips are a great option as they're always in season and fresh for dad. 

What gift will you choose for dad this Father's Day? What do you think of a gift of flowers instead of traditional socks? If you send a Father's Day bouquet for dad, please let us know! We'd love to see it! Contact us or tag us on Instagram #lucysflorist.  


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