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The exquisite, vibrant, dainty violet is the birth flower for all February babies.

The flower has a unique and ancient history in ancient Greece since 500 BC, Greeks and Romans would use the flower to make herbal remedies and to sweeten the food and wine at festivals.

Today, violets have become very on trend due to their edible petals. You’ll often see violets used to decorate gourmet salads, desserts, and meals.

A beautiful heart shaped flower with asymmetrical leaves, violets are available in a range of colours. These flowers start flowering at the end of February and finish blooming by the end of April.


Violets have played a significant part in the romantic history of ancient Greece. The flower was used to create love potions as they are believed to be a symbol of fertility and love. Even to this day, violets symbolise faithfulness, humility, chastity and loyalty.

Violets even have meaning assigned to their colours.. Purple violets are believed to stand for ‘I’ll always be true’ whereas the white flower suggests the idea of ‘taking a chance’.

At Lucy’s we love the vibrant purple colour of our ‘African Violet Plant’ which either comes gift wrapped with a raffia ribbon or in a ceramic pot. If you have a friend’s or relatives birthday coming up this month, the humble violet flower is a beautiful gift idea.

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