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Love is in the air, the flowers are in bloom and wedding season is on!

Spring is one of the best times to get married with the beautiful warm sunshine, sweet smells and abundance of flowers and greenery. That being said, just because the great outdoors look amazing doesn’t mean it’s any easier planning what flowers to pick for your wedding day. In this blog, Lucy’s Florist shares with you some of our favourite spring flowers for spring weddings this season.

Before We Get Started…

A couple of tips to caveat these spring wedding flower bouquets.

Firstly, we’re talking about wedding bouquets here. That is, the bouquets the bride and bridesmaids will walk down the aisle with. This means considerations such as size, colour of the dresses, and theme colours of the wedding should all be considered when thinking of flower ideas. With that being said, here are some popular flowers for spring season wedding themes.

Pretty, Colourful Country

If you’re having your wedding out in the country, a traditional country wedding bouquet features lots of small flowers and sprigs with some larger sized, soft buds in country colours such as pink, blue, white and red. An example bouquet perfect for this look would include spray roses and ranunculus for the larger buds, paired with smaller variety flowers such as asters, Queen Anne’s Lace and the blue nigella flower.

Romantic & Soft

An incredibly popular style, soft, romantic brides favour pastel flowers, with lots of layers and petals with a silky texture. Often this look lends itself to only one or two flowers types within the bridal and bridesmaids bouquets. A brilliant example would be white garden roses mixed with pink peonies.

Clean, Chic, Sophisticated

If you want your wedding to have a certain clean minimalism and elegance to it, you may be a bride who prefers the elegance of the Phalaenopsis orchid. A show stopper that needs no additions, pure white variations look beautiful, chic and classic. Alternatively, an ombre effect can be achieved with exotic varieties that mix whites with purples and pinks.

Bold, sculptural and (we think) best as a ‘waterfall’ bouquet, irises are another spring alternative that also feature a striking shape and colour, although their colour range is limited to blue, purple and pinks.

Wild & Rustic

The floral theme for rustic weddings tends to be a bit looser and feature more greenery in the bouquet. Increasingly popular for Australian brides today are native flowers. Not only do natives support local industry and vegetation, they’re also vibrant, loosely sculptural and perfect for a rustic, Australian wedding. Foliage such as the zig zag leaves of the Dryandra or baby eucalyptus leaves can be contrasted against larger statement blooms such as vibrant, red waratahs, Banksia formosa or Boronia.

Are you a soft romantic or a country bride? What’s the biggest consideration for you when picking out flowers for a spring wedding. If you have any questions about the types of spring wedding flowers available or if you’d like Lucy’s to help you with your wedding we’d love to hear from you! Contact us and our friendly staff will be ready to assist you.

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