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Winter is just around the corner, and although that typically means fewer weddings are about to occur, there are still some brave and intrepid souls who want a winter wedding and no less! So, here are Lucy’s top flower tips for those couples who need floral bouquets for their winter wonderland event.


The fragrant hyacinth is a perfect winter wedding flower because it has a bright colour range of purple, pink, and white, and the flower varies in size. You can have the hyacinth as a large flower that dominates a bouquet and reception, or you can use the flower’s small florets to adorn jackets, wrists, and make up the smaller flowers of your posy. Check out Lucy’s use of hyacinth’s in our Pink Diamond bouquet for inspiration.


Roses are a classic wedding flower for a reason. Not only are they available all year round, but they’re also perfect for bouquets, table arrangements, buttonholes, corsages – you name it. Roses also come in a wide range of colours meaning you can mix and match Roses in a single bouquet, use just a single colour (for an example, see Lucy’s bridal bunch) Otherwise, mix their vibrant colours with dark foliage or smaller flowers and florets. Heavily scented and romantic, roses are a no brainer in the wedding world.

Sweet Peas

Sweet peas for a winter wedding are, well, sweet! Available in late winter and early spring, they are tiny flowers that come in a huge range of beautiful, vibrant colours including cream, pinks, purples, mauves and even reds. Tall and steam-like with vibrant foliage or their stalks, they’re perfect for table arrangements and can even work on their own in a bouquet for that ‘just picked from the garden’ look.

Tips for Winter Colour Schemes

For winter brides, the colour scheme can seem obvious, whites, metallic and greys create a pale, opulent palette that lends well to the winter wonderland theme. However, contrasting colours can work too. Reds paired with white can create an idealistic romantic theme. Muted blues, purples and whites can form a softer, romantic variation of the all-white theme. If you want a bold splash of colour, deep mauves, pinks and fuchsias paired lighter delicate pinks create a beautiful, vibrant bouquet that is a delight to the eye. Lastly, old Hollywood colours of mauve, gold, and cream lend themselves well to this time of year.

So there you have it! Tips for winter florals and winter flowers that work well for Australia’s winter time. What winter flowers will you choose? Are you interested in bold colours or muted, pale shades? Will you choose one flower variety or mix and match? If you’d like to share with us your ideas, we’d love to hear them! Get in touch with Lucy’s florist about your winter wedding plans.

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