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As you may know, bees are becoming more and more scarce in gardens around the world - and that's a huge problem for flowers and for our ecosystems. 

Interested in what you can do to help? Here are six ways you can make your garden more friendly to our common bumble and honey bees. 

1. Give Your Bees Ground Cover

bee on flower

Bees need shelter just like we do. Plant ground cover plants so bees can take a rest between pollinating. 

2. Keep A Fountain Going

Give the bees a hydration station - even if it's little trays of water around your garden.  Producing honey and pollinating is thirsty work!

3.  Plant Colourful Flowers

bee on flower

Bees love blue, purple, and yellow flowers that have multiple petals. Bonus is that it will make your garden beautiful. 

4. Plant Flowering Veggies

zucchini flowers

On a similar note, tomatoes and zucchini are great for bees. 

5. Leave Off The Pesticides

May seem like a no brainer but pesticides, especially harsh synthetic ones, will kill off your bees!

6. Consider A Beehive For Stingless Bees

bee house

More and more homemade beehive kits are becoming popular to help bees return to the garden. Your local Bunnings or department store may stock these insect houses. Check it out!

A good bee population is the sign of a healthy garden. We need the bees and many of them (not wasps) are fairly gentle and harmless. Let us know if you consider taking on any of these tips. 



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