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One of the advantages of living Downunder is that you can take control of the cold season and host your own ‘Christmas in July’ seasonal party. It might just be the perfect thing to pick you and your friends up during this chilly time of year. Sound like fun? Here are Lucy’s top tips for hosting a Christmas bash in July this year.


To make the event easier on yourself (remember this isn’t real Christmas) make sure you request each of your guests bring a plate and/or bring some drinks. A BYO message can further help reduce the effort of the event. However, make sure you don’t, as host, delegate the main dishes. Keep in charge of the roast turkey, ham, potatoes, and the dessert to make sure your guests decide to come.


A Christmas in July party will not be complete unless you’re playing Jingle Bells and Silent Night throughout the evening. We recommend having the more festive carols turned up as guests arrive to create an atmosphere of excitement. As the night goes on, transition into some Dean Martin and the Andrews sisters to make sure the music doesn’t interrupt the conversation.


Again, it’s all about making the party as atmospheric and close to a traditional white Christmas as can be. Therefore, scented candles in Christmassy scents are going to really add to the to the event. Lucy’s has two candles that feature Christmas cheer: the ‘Madam Pompadour’ candle includes notes of pomegranate, black orchid and basil, while the Louis XIV

candle provides a blend of orange flower, vetiver, and lavender.

Flowers & Baubles

Your dining and living rooms won’t be complete without Christmas decorations! String up some fairy lights, hang out the stockings, and even (if you can manage it) pull out the Christmas tree! Not a fan of that much effort? Compromise instead, with a beautiful floral centrepiece in Christmas colours. Lucy’s has a Christmas table floral arrangement available all year round. Alternatively, hang a star from the Christmas Joy bouquet and label it as the ‘tree’.

We hope you try a Christmas in July party. If you do send Lucy’s a pic of the merriment by #lucysflorist on Instagram and we’ll repost the amazing event. Good luck and Merry Christmas! (in July).

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