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Terrariums have skyrocketed in popularity recently and it’s no secret why. When it comes to home decor ideas, the micro-sized gardens inspire whimsy, bring nature indoors, and are easy to care for. You can DIY them or have them pre-made. Either way, here are some of our absolute favourites and a little on how to make them.

How To DIY A Terrarium

You'll need: a container you can put your hand through, pebbles or rocks, activated charcoal, potting soil, moss, and plants - Thyme, Ferns, Creeping Fig, Ivy, Baby’s Tears are good examples.


1. Cover the base of the container with an inch of pebbles, gravel or fine rocks to create a ‘drainage’ system.

2. Add a thin amount of activated charcoal. This prevents mold and bacteria from building up inside.

3. Add potting soil, then moss, over the charcoal.

4. Lastly, add your plants! The largest plant should go first and the plants should all enjoy similar conditions. Good combinations include Nerve plants, Brasil, and Philodendron species.

Our Favourite Terrarium Ideas

Here are just a few of our favourite ideas for customising a terrarium:

terrarium with crystal

We love a terrarium filled with crystals like this one from Auramore.

terrarium with figurine

Terrarium's with figurines are adorable! This one houses the forest spirit, Totoro. Image: Doll House Building Kit. 

light bulb terrarium 

A light bulb hanging terrarium is a bright idea. Image: 

Inspired? Feeling like you need a terrarium in your life asap?! We have some beautiful ones at Lucys to keep you covered.

lucy's florist closed terrarium

To see more terrariums from us, click over to our terrariums page. We have closed and open terrariums ready for you to customise and care for.

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