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Brrr! Baby it's cold outside! If you and your partner are ready to cosy-up indoors this winter consider one of these 7 simple ideas for a date night-in with bae.

1. Play a game together

Whether it's Twister or Monopoly games are a great way to bond and keep couples in the moment. 

2. Take out by candlelight

Get the candles out and order Chinese! Enjoy an indulgent feast with atmospheric mood lighting.

3. Bubble bath surprise

Want to pamper him/her? Fire up those candles again, scatter some rose petals and play some smooth tunes to create a warm, atmospheric bubble bath.

4. Cook together

Cooking during the week can be rushed but on the weekend you two can really carve out time to play with food. Get out the pasta maker or sushi mat and enjoy a creative meal-making process.

5. Watch a projected movie

Buy a cheap projecter from eBay and play his or her favourite movie. It's a fun way to switch up movie night.

6. Create a living room campout

You can repeat step five here. Create a pillow fort or roll out the fold up bed and project a movie on the ceiling.

7. Paint and sip 

Want more creativity? Painting watercolour while sipping wine is a great way to pass the time. 


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