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As much as we love flowers, we don't love the associated symptoms of hay-fever that come from being allergic to too much pollen! 

So how can you beat the hay-fever this upcoming spring? Here are some top tips from experts in the field.


A fantastic, tried and true tip - not only does Vaseline around the corners of your nostrils stop your nose from drying out (and then overproducing mucus in a disgusting, vicious cycle) - it also helps trap pollen from getting in. Genius! 

Wear Sunglasses

Similar to Vaseline, this blocks pollen from attacking your eyes.

Buy non-sweet smelling flowers

Although the smell of sweet flowers is fantastic, come spring it's not so great for those with hay-fever. If you want to buy flowers this spring, check out our list of 'hay-fever friendly' flowers for a guide on what to choose. 

Vacuum and Dust Regularly

This will stop the pollen that's coming in from open windows and doors from piling up.

Avoid Irritants 

If possible, avoid bringing things into the house or hanging near things that will irritate your nose. Dogs, smoke, walking on cut grass - all of it can start to make you sneeze. Try to avoid airborne dander where possible. 

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