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We’ve all seen them. Beautiful home living magazines with two-page spreads showing gorgeous rooms that are excellently styled and make us want to weep. Well, we at Lucy’s are not interior design experts, however, we do know a thing or two about putting the finishing touches on a room. So, read on to discover how to match the perfect vase to the perfect set of flowers, so that you can get some home-design feels in your life.

1. The Beginner’s Vase

If you have previously been using a bottle of Coke as a vase a) stop doing that immediately and b) use this beginner’s vase instead. The beginner’s vase is an opaque green vase that will match your flowers no matter what colour they are (as the stems are always green). It will also never reveal if your flower water is dirty. A medium sized one if usually best and preferably, the base of the vase should be larger than the neck, to give the stems structured support (wide-mouthed vases tend to bend the stems after a while, because of the splay). For this type of vase, flowers that with thin stems and big petals are best e.g. Singapore orchids.

2. The Bud Vase

Think ‘Beauty and the Beast’ when it comes to the bud vase. If you have a tall bud vase, a single stemmed rose will sit. If you have a short bud vase, clip the rose stem or fit in one or two smaller flowers. Bud vases typically have a very narrow mouth and can only fit a single stem or smaller stemmed flowers. They are perfect for small dinner tables or side tables in the entryway, so you can immediately place the daily flower you picked on the way home. Smaller flowers such as daisies, geraniums, violets, sweet peas and freesias are perfect for the bud vase.

3. Contemporary Cuttings

If you’re a fan of minimalism and modernity, but still want to enjoy some of what mother nature has to offer, you’ll probably enjoy a cylindrical glass vase. Similar to the bud vase, the cylindrical glass vase features only a few flower cuttings, but it focuses on both the stem of the flower as well as the petals. Perfect for people who enjoy decorative vegetation as well as flowers, use baby eucalyptus leaves, tulips, or even baby’s breath, to create a stunning portrait.

4. The ‘Big Bunch’ Vase

Sometimes you just need a tall vase with a wide mouth and plenty of space to fit in a large bunch of flowers. The big bunch vase is versatile and every home should have one for special occasions, where you're bound to get a big bloom. You can really use the vase as a design piece to a room, so think carefully before purchasing where you would place the vase and what your house’s theme is. Choose a bold vase for a house with striking elements, or a plain white vase for a country or all-white theme. Whatever design you choose, the vase will be perfect for lilies, hydrangeas, sunflowers, roses, natives etc. So there you have it. The perfect vase for the perfect flower depends on your experience with flowers, your home’s decor, and how big and audacious your flowers are. But at the end of the day just have fun with it! Flowers are meant to be enjoyed so if you’re finding the pressure too much, go ahead and use a coke bottle for a vase - as long as you’re enjoying the experience.

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