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It may seem basic but there's definitely an art to planting flowers in your backyard. Here's a quick guide from the experts.

1. Choose the Right Flowers

When at your local Bunnings remember to choose plants that already have a few flowers blooming on them and have healthy, disease-free leaves.

2. Choose The Right Place

sunny plants

Of course, when picking a spot check out the instructions on how much sun and wind the plant prefers. 

3. Pick the Right Day

Mild sunny weather is the best day to plant your blooms. Cloudy or rainy weather will only further stress your plant as it's repotted.

4. Repot


Knock the plant from its pot and gently detangle the roots so they aren't twisted up and unable to spread out successfully. 

5. Pick Off Existing Flowers

Pick off the existing flowers on your plant (sad, we know!). This is so your plant can focus on encouraging its root system to grow. 

 6. Prep The Garden Bed

soil prepping

Using a spade, work in organic matter to the soil.

The soil should be loosened 12 inches for annuals and 18 inches for perennials. 

Finally, dig a hole that's at the same soil level as was in the pot.

7. Mulch The Garden Bed

mulch on a flower bed

Use 1 to 3 inches of aged wood chips, bark or pine needles to help suppress weeds and prevent soil-borne diseases.  



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