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Flowers are the all-time favourite for Mother's Day - but is it still safe to deliver flowers in the time of coronavirus? While NSW is easing its restrictions other states recommend keeping a distance for the holiday. If you don't want to take the risk you can still say it with flowers this May 10th. Just organise a contactless door delivery.

How To Safely Deliver Flowers To Mum 

mamma mia bouquet

The Mamma Mia bouquet

Jim Thomas, an associate professor of epidemiology at the University of North Carolina, recommends organising a door delivery with your local florist. Once mum receives the flowers he recommends she place them in a vase and immediately wash her hands. Following this, leave the flowers untouched for three days to eliminate risk.

"Touchless delivery, which minimizes contact with the person making the delivery, eliminates this risk, and this is very easy to do for floral deliveries” he notes to Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Organising Mother's Day Flowers With Lucy's Florist

copenhagen bouquet

The Copenhagen Bouquet

If you're looking to door deliver this Sunday you're in luck! Call us ahead of time and we'll organise a door delivery with no contact. Just specify a no contact delivery on the phone and call before 3pm AEST the day prior to Mother's Day to ensure Mother's Day delivery.

Browse our Mother's Day catalogue today and call ahead to organise a surprise for mum this May 10th.

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