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It’s 2018 and the new year is well and truly underway. Time flies! One of your new year’s resolutions might be to stay in contact with friends and keep up relationships as the year progresses. And what better way to say ‘I appreciate you’ than to say it with flowers. In this blog, we discuss which flowers are perfect for what occasion. Find out how to celebrate a birthday, congratulate a co-worker, or express appreciation for a loved one through beautiful and varied bouquets.

Congratulate Extravagantly

Your friend’s business may have just won the award of a lifetime or a 50th-anniversary celebration is underway. For a big occasion calls a bunch that’s full of colourful, riotous blooms in a luxury arrangement that warrants the event. The tall vase arrangement of the Chrysler looks equally stunning in the home or the office.


Celebrate A Birthday

If you know the person, it’s best to get them their favourite flower, or you could gift them their birth flower as a great conversation starter. But if in doubt, celebrating with a colourful, cheerful mix of flowers is a great way to mark the occasion. Even better choose a bouquet that uses a box. The symbolism of a present is evident in the Bright Box bouquet.

Express Sympathy

When tragedy and heartbreak strike, many draw on the comfort of flowers. It can be a gentle, delicate way to let the bereaved person know your thoughts are with them. Autumn Pure features a gorgeous arrangement of gerberas to deliver this sentiment delicately.


 Alternatively, the Monet box with its delicate pink lilies and Singapore orchids can provide a refreshing take on the period and symbolise a process of healing and eternity.

Love & Romance

Of course, for flowers of love, there are traditional red roses. However, if you are looking to give casual tokens of affection in the new year, a lovely gift of daffodils or daisies can brighten up anyone’s weekend. The Dutch Delight, featuring an easy, breezy gift of tulips can be a wonderful surprise for a loved one.


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