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We're officially in August 2021! How time flies - but you know what else flies? Or rather - jumps? You guessed it - ticks. August is National Tick Awareness Month for Pets in Australia. A very important cause if you are doggo obsessed like we are here at Lucy's Florist.

So here is a blog post to raise awareness of the initiative with a celebration of the cutest pups and kittens with flowers on their heads. And while you're browsing below, don't forget, get your pet treated for ticks today.


pug with flowers


Lotti the Pug is looking excited and gorgeous with green and red garlands around her neck and paws!


dog with flower crown


Pitbull puppy Daisy matched with her owner Jessica to celebrate her owner's social media milestone of 10K. Too cute!


cat with flowers
Fittingly named Leo, this Maine Coon cat comes from the windy city of Chicago and is fluffy with flowers. 


dog with flowers


This German Shorthair Pointer is 10 years old and still giving great side-eye.


dog with flowers 


We love this idea of a black-tie flower dog leash. Beautifully decorated for an upcoming ceremony - what a good boy!

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