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June babies must be extra special because, for June, two birth flowers are given - the rose and the honeysuckle. Read on to find out why, the history and how to gift these two beautiful flowers.

Why two?

Well, no one really knows. The idea of birth flowers generally is thought to have originated from the Ancient Romans who celebrated birthdays with seasonal flowers. Over time it is thought that the flower choices became more specific to each month. One theory is that June has two birth flowers because it is also traditionally the season of weddings, so there is an extra celebration that occurs on this month.

The Rose or Rosa

The rose is one of the most popular flowers worldwide. Grown on every continent, there are an estimated 100 to 150 species of roses available and the colour range covers the spectrum from pure white to reds so dark, they can almost look black.

Roses are traditionally associated with feelings of love, appreciation and romance. It is speculated they attributed these meanings because the Ancient Romans and Greeks associated roses with their goddesses of love - Venus and Aphrodite. However, roses have come to symbolise lots of different meanings depending on what colour they are. If you have a

bouquet of pink roses - grace and admiration are conveyed. If the roses are purple they symbolise protection and maternal love.

The Honeysuckle or Lonicera

Honeysuckle symbolises everlasting love, happiness and a sweet disposition. This is probably because the nectar from the honeysuckle is sweet and edible - hence the flowers name. Victorians would plant honeysuckle near their doorstep to ward off witches or placed the flower under their pillows to give the sleeper sweet dreams.

Which Flower is the Best for Birthday Gifts?

Both! Roses are obviously easier to obtain, but if you know your birthday girl or boy loves small delicate flowers, the honeysuckle is a great option. Lucy’s has a range to choose from. If you have a mum born in June, you might want to gift her some beautiful purple roses or pink roses, to convey appreciation and maternal love. If you want to convey passionate romantic love on your partner’s birthday, consider purchasing Summer Loving (orange symbolises passion) or the red, Roman Holiday bouquet.

For honeysuckle, try our Naturally Native bouquetwhich is filled to the brim with Australian honeysuckle. The Adar bunch is a sophisticated box which includes the native Banksia.

What’s your birth flower? Would you consider sending someone a box of roses or bouquet of honeysuckle for their June birthday? Get in touch to let us know.

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