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If you’re reading this you’ve probably noticed the website blog page is a little different. That’s because Lucy’s Florist has upgraded to a brand new website with the help of our friends from Elephant Room and it’s blooming beautiful!

What’s changed you might ask? There are a few new things here and there, come on, we’ll show you around, let’s take you on a small virtual tour.

Better User Experience

First and foremost, the new website has markedly improved the user experience. You’ll notice we now have a portfolio of some of the fantastic wedding celebrations we’ve catered to. We’ve also improved the ability to search around on our site! Now you can shop by occasion (new baby, birthday party etc.) and by product (cards, candles, pot plants - you name it!).

Mobile Friendliness

If you’ve been browsing around our site on your phone recently you’ll have noticed it is much easier to navigate. Buttons have been enlarged for those of us with big fingers (florists especially always have swollen hands!). The ability to order via mobile has never been better. Helpful for when you're on the run or have forgotten an important occasion!

Improved Page Performance

Speaking of being on the run, if you’ve noticed Lucy’s Florist being a little zippier lately it’s because the page speed and page performance have improved. Now, it’s easier than ever to tap, click or swipe a particular product and get an instant response - no more waiting around time. You should never have to wait for beautiful flowers.

A New e-Commerce Platform

We can’t say too much right now, but Lucy’s has even bigger and better things coming down the pipeline. We’ve transferred over to Shopify, an e-commerce platform that’s really helping our customers order easily and quickly, and we want to create an even better user experience for you in the coming months, so stay tuned!

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