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At Lucy’s we’ve recently acquired some new luxury scented candles from Luxescent that smell incredible and better yet, are handmade in Australia, 100% pure soy and eco-friendly with no lead or paraffin toxins present. The perfect accessory to any room, these candles are made from the finest ingredients, and delicately crafted to ensure the highest possible fragrance and burn experience.  

Currently, we have five scents available (with a view to stock more!). However, without a doubt, our absolute favourites are Cocktail by the Beach (limited edition), Champagne Strawberry (limited edition), Coco Bliss (limited edition) - we love the gourmand scents if you can’t tell! Here’s a little on each of these top fragrances.

Cocktail By the Beach (limited edition)

cocktails by the beach scented candle

We love this candle because it’s the perfect summer fragrance! Reminiscent of beautiful tropical days on vacation, this scent provides blended sweet fruit notes of mandarin, peach, apricot, and cranberry.

Coco Bliss (limited edition)

coco bliss

Coco Bliss is perfect for the last of these cold wintery days. Although it includes fruity infusions of lime juice, bergamot peel, and pineapple, it's rounded out with coconut, elderflower and sweet hints of burnt sugar and caramel. Perfect for cozy, cold days.

Champagne Strawberries (limited edition)

champagne strawberries scented candle

A truly delicious fragrance, this candle combines ripe strawberries, raspberries, and roses. Euphoric notes of bubbly champagne are also hinted at within this delicious and romantic candle.

These Luxescent candles are made 100% from natural soy way and cotton wick and are triple scented to give a lasting fragrance. With 60 hours burn time in 420 grams, these hand-poured candles will create a sensual journey that tantalise the senses. Chat with us today in store to try one or order online!

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