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We loved every minute of the Royal Wedding, and, although we’re sad that is over it was an amazing event - perhaps more so than many of us realised! Behind the scenes, tons of inspiring events went on but, because we’re a flower blog, we want to focus on the beautiful story behind Meghan Markle’s wedding bouquet.

The Bouquet

royal wedding bouquet

Image: Getty Images

Firstly, the bouquet was made up primarily of sweet peas, jasmine roses, and forget-me-nots - the last of which were Princess Diana’s favourite. Within this mix was also a sprig of myrtle picked from a myrtle tree Queen Victoria planted many years ago. The sprig is part of an unofficial royal tradition where myrtle clippings in the bouquet signify love.

Prince Harry also added some of the flowers himself, handpicking several from their private garden at Kensington Palace to add to the bespoke bridal bouquet.

After The Wedding

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, in her first royal move travelled to Westminster Abbey to lay her bouquet at the Grave of the Unknown Soldier, as is tradition dating back to Queen Elizabeth and King George VI’s wedding.

Image: @wabbey (Twitter)

Lastly, and here’s the best part, after the wedding was over, the flowers at the wedding were donated to a nearby Hackney hospice to patients who absolutely loved it.

Image: St Joseph’s Hospice

One hospice member, Pauline Clayton, 89, was especially pleased by the bouquet, as she had had a 20-year career at Norman Hartnell, a royal dressmaking boutique and particularly, helped embroider the 15ft (4.5m) train of Queen Elizabeth II's wedding dress.

Of the wedding flowers gifted to her, she said, "With my royal connections it's such a lovely coincidence to be at St Joseph's and receive these wedding flowers."

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