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If you’re born in November - congratulations, the beautiful, ornamental, delicate chrysanthemum is your birth flower!


The history of the flower dates back to the 15th century BC in China. Then Chinese families would use the flower as a herbal remedy against various ailments such as headaches, high blood pressure, and inflammation - perhaps why the flower today is seen as an emblem of youth.

In AD 400, Buddhist monks cultivated the flower after the chrysanthemum emigrated from China to Japan. Due to its stunning ornamental beauty, the flower became incredibly popular and quickly became the official flower for the emperor’s crest and seal. To this day, in Japan, the country celebrates National Chrysanthemum Day which is also known as the Festival of Happiness and it’s beautiful!


The chrysanthemum has long had significance in both Chinese and Japanese cultures as a symbol of youth - probably because of its past life as a herbal remedy. To this day in China, if you place a chrysanthemum petal in the bottom of a glass of wine it symbolises enhanced longevity - may all the November babies live a long life!

In Australia, Chrysanthemums are the also the official flower for Mother’s Day due to their nickname ‘mums’.

Available in a range of colours and even different shapes, chrysanthemums are one of the most beautiful flowers around in our humble opinion. At Lucy’s we love them and use them in a variety of our bouquets. Below is an example of the chrysanthemums we use in our ‘Peace’ bouquet. If it’s your birthday this month, or better yet your mum’s birthday, be sure to get your hands on some mums for good health and youth for many years to come!

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