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Easter is almost here and we can't wait! A beautiful time of year representing rebirth, renewal, an chocolate, here are our favourite picks for the Easter season ahead.


flower bouquet


Filled with rich pinks, purples and snapdragons, we associate the Amethyst bouquet best with the vibrancy and life that Easter symbolises. If you want to healthfully gift someone at Easter time, Amythest is a wonderful alternative.

fruit flower basket

Another great alternative to chocolate is the Fruity Flower basket. Filled with fresh and yummy seasonal fruits in a cozy wicker basket, many will appreciate this thoughtful gift. Interested in giving your loved one a little bit of sweetness but not too much?

dolci doro heart

For the Easter period, all our bouquets can include an inexpensive, small chocolate gift, such as these delicious Dolci Doro Chocolate Hearts.

bush box bouquet

Finally, for an Australian take on the tradition, we love the Bush Box bouquet. Featuring lush leucadendrons and other native foliage in autumnal colours, it’s a very Australian box set for Easter time.

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