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Autumn is next to spring in the wedding calendar as the time to have your wedding celebration. The cooler, crisp air and seasonal sunsets make this an ideal time for rustic romantics who prefer the deeper, moodier colours of burgundy, reds, oranges and dark purples. Below is a mood-board of sorts of what's on trend for autumn weddings at the moment. Let us know in the comments below what you think - would you consider any of these trends for your autumnal themed wedding?  


Decadent cake reflecting autumnal seasonal fruits and autumn's signature warm colours with a rustic edge are proving popular for autumn wedding dates.

Hair Decorations

Autumn allows you to roam free with your rustic, vintage desires, we love these hair combs below for their delicate romanticism.

Eucca Store, Etsy

Looking for a budget hair decoration? A simple silk hair tie in the colours of your wedding looks beautiful with vintage flair.

Wedding Flowers

Rich and earthy tones are a staple of any autumn wedding bouquet, we particularly love the trend of dried flowers mixed amongst rustic natives.

Wedding Arches

There's nothing better than a wedding arch loaded with seasonal purples, oranges, reds and pinks with hints of green. The perfect backdrop to any autumn-themed wedding.

Arch Flower Designs, Etsy Store

Table Arrangements

Retro glassware, baby eucalyptus, gold accents and long candlesticks pictured below all contribute to the simple yet rustic table arrangement that's perfectly on trend for autumn.

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