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In honour of summertime here in Australia, we're embracing the warmer side of life and all the beauty that can come from it! Here are some of our favourite photos of deserts from around the world and the extraordinary explosion of colour and life that can come from these otherwise unforgiving landscapes. Absolutely stunning!

Desert Bloom near the Mars Desert Research Station, Utah (Photo credit: @ienjoyhiking)

Blooms from Death Valley, in Eastern California, in the northern Mojave Desert. (Photo credit: Aaron Matney, Flickr)

desert flowers

Beautiful golden blooms spreading across the desert floor ofThe Badlands region in the American West infamous for its arid, eroded landscape. (Photo credit:


Dune Evening Primrose found in the sand dunes of the Mojave Desert. (Photo credit: Dean Hueber)

desert flowers

In springtime the Sonora Desert in Arizona comes alive with beautiful vibrant blooms of Chuparosa, Marsh Aster, and Desert Chicory to name a few. (Photo credit: Coeny)




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