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In honour of Australia Day tomorrow we thought we'd list out some of our all-time favourite native flowers! Beautiful in wedding bouquets or just as a long-lasting gift (native flowers last twice as long as non-natives!) here's a native flower appreciation post for you to admire.



Bold, red and beautiful. There's no better statement than gorgeous red waratahs on your mantle.





Technically also available in South Africa, the protea flower symbolises change and hope. 


Bush Box

Nothing more Australian, Banksias typically last up to 60 days if not longer.

Birds Of Paradise


Birds In The Wild

An Aussie favourite for its hardiness and likeness to an elegant, long-beaked bird.


Naturally Native

Leucadendrons are a beautiful member of the Protea family and come in so many different shapes and sizes - an incredibly versatile flower. 

Want to see more amazing native flowers? Check our Australian native flowers collection for beautiful bouquets that support our local wildlife. 




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