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Ah summer! Beautiful sunsets, endless days, and of course, the time when some absolutely quintessential flowers begin to bloom. We have some summertime favourites we love to see each year. Have a read below and let us know - did we get yours?



Reminding us of days spent at the beach frangipanis are often planted in coastal regions because they love sandy soil and salty air.



These flowers are dramatic show stoppers with a distinctly 'tropical' feel. 



Sleeping Beauty bouquet

We love the pretty colour hydrangeas add to a garden or vase. Another old-fashioned classic.



An old-fashioned classic, it wouldn't be summer without seeing these purple stems waving in the summer sun.


Sweet smelling and lush, gardenias are an amazing flower to watch unfold amongst its rich green leaves.



Aldar bouquet

It wouldn’t be summer in Australia without some favourite native favourites too. Banksias are a quintessential summer bloom with such a delicate structure and unique Australian flavour.

Did we guess your favourite summer flower? Don't forget to tag us on Instagram @lucysflorist with pics of your favourite summer blooms! 

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