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Still haven't taken down your Christmas tree down yet? Hold off till after February 14! There's a growing trend now circulating on Pinterest and Instagram where people are redecorating their trees in celebration of Valentine's Day instead of ending festivities. Think of it as a fun way to keep the party going. Here are some of our favourite trees so far.

This one by decorating influencer Jennifer Houghton at Turtle Creek Lane is from last year - the theme? Conversation hearts.

This mum of two loves decorating for the holidays and recommends converting the tree as a great way to transition from Christmas to Valentines.

 We love this one particularly because of the use of fresh-cut roses and flowers making it eco-friendly yet still seasonal. 

This one shows a great use of doubling up some Christmas decorations towards Valentine's Day.  

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This was last year’s valentines tree. I gave 2 small gifts for the kids after they came back from school and they were super happy, and it was a good reminder for the hubby that hey I need my gift under that tree soon 🤣🤣. Should I do another one this year to remind the hubby 🤔🤔😂. . . هيدي شجرة الفالنتين اللي عملتها السنة الماضيه ، حطيت هديتين صغار للأولاد وبس رجعوا من المدرسة كتير انبسطوا بالمفاجأة ، وعفكرة كانت كتير مهمة لتذّكر زوجي بالعيد 😂انه ما معقول كل هيدي الشجرة بنصف البيت ما يشوفها 😂😂😂. شو قولكن لازم اعمل واحدة هيدي السنة حتى يتذكر؟؟؟ او خلص بيكون حفظ الدرس؟🤔🤔🤔حسب خبرتي مستحيل يكون حفظه ولازم ارجع اعمل واحدة هيدي السنة🤣🤣😂😂🙈.

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Rashea swears by the V Day tree to ensure more presents from her husband. Interesting tactic!    

Want to shop flowers for Valentine's Day instead? Browse our Valentine's Day collection in our Occasions section. Hope you have a happy holiday filled with love. 

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