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Despite 2020 being a difficult year, we've been privileged enough to be apart of some heartwarming deliveries that show just how much flowers can mean to a person and/or their family. Without further ado, here are some of our favourite Instagram photos and captions showing flowers for all kinds of occasions are still on trend. From babies to anniversaries to sick beds and workplace surprises, here are some of our favourite flower deliveries so far. 

Baby On Board

Feeling the love 💕 big thank you to mama's colleagues from the Legislative Council for the surprise bouquet delivery today 💐

~ @xtinedkt on Instagram

Hospital Delivery

Lovely moment in a week that’s included way too many chats with medical professionals. #flowersarealovelanguage #banksiasforever

~ @lauramaree on Instagram

Valentine's Day Love

My spirit animal 😍🐻 #valentines

~ @ninamabao on Instagram

Work Flowers

I will never get tired of receiving bunch of flowers to work 💐 Luv you too 😜


~ @realpink_dami on Instagram


COVID Film Premier Congrats

A dozen reds from ma and pa 🌹

A little emotional as my film The Turn of the Screw premiers in Wellington at the Embassy theatre this evening. Due to covid 19 and the restrictions I was not able to attend which I am really disappointed about but walking upto my door to find these beauties definitely put a smile on my face ❤️ Thankyou ma and pa, I hope you enjoy the film ❤️

Reds by @lucysflorist


~ @gvphillips on Instagram
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