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Winter is here! How did that happen? 2021 has gone by incredible fast! Regardless, if you're ready to hibernate but still craving some outdoors-in, a lush green houseplant is surely one of the best ways to nest. Here are six of our favourite houseplants for surviving the cold this winter.

Snake Plant

snake plant


Also known as 'Mother's Tongue' this beginner-friendly plant thrives in full sun or almost no sun, making it perfect for year round. A decorative vertical structure that doesn't take up too much space, the plant is available in beautiful variegated varieties to elevate your home. 

Moth Orchid


A delicate flowering houseplant available in a variety of colours, 'orchids', 'moth orchids' or 'phalaenopsis' thrive on neglect, blossoming in low light and only needing about two to three tablespoons of water every two weeks. A perfect plant to add to a bathroom area as they do enjoy humidity, this plant is available at Lucy's Florist here.

Rubber Plant

rubber plant


When thinking of rubber plants, think of a super tough plant with thick leaves like, well, rubber. Thriving on neglect, they can survive with little or a lot of sunlight and can survive temperatures as low as 10°C.




Although they naturally grow in deserts, cacti are one of the best cold-resistant plants to grow inside. They of course require very little water and don't even need soil to grow (they're air plants). They will, however, require a position within your household that gets full to partial sun during the day .

Cyclamen Plant


Prefer a flowering plant to brighten up your space? The cyclamen is another plant that flourishes in cooler temperatures, enjoying a well-lit, airy position such as a windowsill that sits in partial sun during winter.

Interested in purchasing a cyclamen plant? Shop this indoor plant at our store - it comes wrapped with a raffia ribbon, or presented in a ceramic pot.

Philodendron scandens

Philodendron scandens


Also known as the Heartleaf Philodendron, the Philodendron Scandens is another great bathroom houseplant that enjoys humid environments, and well light to low light conditions. A vigorous grower, this gorgeous plant can grow over 10 feet long in good indoor conditions. 

Have we inspired you to head to the local flower or gardening store? If you're interested in new household plants to freshen up your space - check out more plant varieties on our pot plants page. If you'd like to show us what plant you purchased please feel free to tag us on social with #lucysflorist. 

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