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It's spring now but summertime is looming up ahead. A gorgeous time for flowers that love to soak up the sun, if you're thinking about buying some new plants in time for summer - here are some of our favourites.

1. Frangipani

Who can go past this summertime classic? Sweet smelling with a tropical feel to them, Frangipani trees flower from December to April and love to grow by the beach. 

2. Gardenia

All the sweetest blooms show out during the summertime. Just be mindful that Gardenia plants are heavy feeders that require lots of water and fertiliser.  

3. Bougainvillea

The perfect hanging vine to decorate your house with, this vibrant star of the show is known for its drought-tolerance and can also do well in pots.

4. Bottle Brush

Let's give it up for the Australian summer natives! We love vibrant Bottle Brush trees because not only do they require little attention once established, they're also a hive of activity for birds, bees and even possums.

5. Banksia

Last but not least, another Aussie classic, the humble Banksia tree comes in many different varieties and can flower for months on end as well as providing nectar and indeed, an entire ecosystem to Australian wildlife. 

Interested to see more of our Australian natives? Shop our collection of bottle brushes, banksias and more at our Australian Natives collection.

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