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Fresh flowers are becoming more and more popular in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney and with spring finally having arrived, it’s easy to see why.

Flowers Transform A Home

Flowers can bring colour and vibrancy into your home, giving your house a fresh look without having to break the bank. In the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, fresh flowers are popular because it shows you care about the details of your home and want to make the space welcoming. Take a look at our best sellers for some interior inspiration!

Fresh flower trends

In 2016, new flower trends have emerged and are proving popular, such as having succulents in the home, or putting flowers under glass domes. This has given a new twist on floristry and is proving popular in eastern Sydney homes. As the weather begins to warm up, so too are our flower choices, with colours of orange and yellow proving popular in the warmer months.

What flowers to use in your home

Living rooms look great with elegant arrangements on the coffee table. An office space usually suits a more contemporary floral arrangement. We also love contemporary floral arrangements for your kitchen, particularly on a marble or stone-top kitchen counter! For some kitchen inspiration, check out these images from pinterest.

How to keep your fresh flowers alive for longer

You can purchase flower food which has sugar in it to keep the flowers alive for longer. To avoid bacteria from growing in the stem of your flowers, it is essential to use flower food and to change the water in your vases each day. But when your flowers do wilt, here are some tips on what you can do with them!

Time to get creative

You can really get creative when embracing the fresh flowers trend in your Eastern Suburbs home. Hang bouquets from their stems to create floral chandeliers, invest in huge vases to display your arrangements – anything different is bound to impress.

It is no wonder that people in the Eastern Suburbs want more fresh flowers, as they look great and can really impress guests visiting your home. What is your favourite floral arrangement and combination? Let us know in the comment box below!

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