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At Lucy’s Florist, we absolutely love mums. So much so that, the business is named after the owner’s mum - Lucy! You can imagine then, we’re big fans of celebrating and appreciating our mums on Mother’s Day.

We can think of nothing better than celebrating the contribution and care mothers give all across Australia. That’s why in this blog, we’re providing a short history of Mother’s Day - how it came to Australia, who created the movement, and how M-day is celebrated all over the world. Read on to discover the history of this special day.

The Beginnings of Mother’s Day

The very first celebrations of mothers were made by the ancient Greeks and Romans. The Greeks celebrated Rhea, the wife of Cronus, during the spring festival, while the Romans celebrated Hilaria. In medieval times, British servants were allowed on the fourth Sunday of Lent to travel home and spend the day with their mums. This was known as ‘Mothering Sunday’.

anna jarvis

Anna Jarvis, founder of modern Mother's Day.

The modern version of Mother’s Day was created by a woman, Anna Jarvis. She wanted to celebrate Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of May to honour the memorial of her mother, a religious peace activist. She also used the day to celebrate all mothers as she believed a mother was, “the person who has done more for you than anyone in the world."

Although Ms Jarvis was at first mocked by U.S. Congress, in 1914, Woodrow Wilson officially commemorated the holiday.

Why Does Australia Celebrate Mother’s Day?

Australian mother's day

Australia began celebrating Mother's Day in 1924 after Janet Heyden became concerned about lonely, widowed mothers in State Hospital, who had lost their children due to WW1. She successfully campaigned local schools and businesses to donate gifts to the ladies, and ever since then, Australia has celebrated mother’s day.

How do YOU Celebrate Mother’s Day?!

Stuck for ideas? We’ve got a few options that should help! But please, don't forget to pre-order to make sure mum receives her flowers well in advance. As a small business, we appreciate the help!

Mamma Mia

mamma mia

Our signature Mother’s Day gift. This one speaks for itself and is always popular!

Hello Dolly

hello dolly tulips

This is our second most popular bouquet of all time! What mother doesn’t like crisp fresh tulips.



We love the pink pastels featured in the Renoir bouquet for mum. This bouquet sits in a clear fish bowl vase so mum doesn't have to lift a finger!

Phalaenopsis Orchid Plant

moth orchid

Does mum prefer gift plants instead of bouquets? The delicate ‘moth’ orchid will last longer, and again, mum doesn’t have to do anything with the gift besides sit back and admire.

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