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Floristry is, by nature, a creative profession that requires artistry and an eye for form and colour. However, what separates an ordinary bouquet from an extraordinary one is the inspiration behind it. In this post, we discuss some of our most popular bouquets and explores the secret inspiration and meaning behind the bouquet’s beauty.



 For our corporate arrangements, we take inspiration from some of the greatest office buildings in the world such as the New York Times Building and Al Bahr Towers - only the best! Many of our corporate bouquets have added height to mirror these famous skyscrapers. We are particularly fond of Miro and Pedestal Beauty.


You’ll notice many of Lucy’s bouquets are named after famous painters and sculptors. We have the Picasso, the Michelangelo, the Kandinsky and the Monet. That’s because we’ve attempted to emulate each of these painters artistic style through their namesake flower arrangements. Our ‘Monet’ bouquet uses only light pastel coloured lilies in homage to his impressionistic paintings. ‘The Cezanne’ features bold, red waratahs and arum lilies, much like Cezanne’s still life fruit paintings.

The Changing Seasons

Autumn, Winter, Spring, and Summer all have different qualities to them that each year inspire us to create new bunches. For this Autumn, we’ve been inspired by the lyricism and beauty of classical musical theatre that is prevalent this time of year. The warm and jaunty songs of Hello Dolly inspired our bright bunch of tulips. The bitter-sweet plot of Funny Girl inspired our Funny Girl bouquet, that’s why it’s coloured with deep purples and greens.

Baby Joy

You’ll notice for our baby collection all the flowers are explosive in shape and colour. That’s because we’re inspired by the joy brought by a new baby in the family. The Amethyst arrangement is filled with rich jewel pinks from lilies, stocks and gerberas. The Amsterdam posy features bright gerbera, rose, leucadendron and foliage.


Lastly, Lucy’s gains inspiration from travel! Paris, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Copenhagen, Venice aren’t just the names of famous capital cities. They’re also the names of our best bouquets! We particularly love the Venice bouquet’s pinks and deep purples, it’s a reflection of Venice when the sunsets.

Now you know the inspiration behind our bouquets! Next time you’re in store or browsing online, be sure to check out the names of the flowers arrangements. If our staff tell you the arrangement is called Vermeer, Joy or Mamma Mia – you’ll know what inspired it!

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