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Flowers are a wonderful thing. Is there anything better than having flowers, either to brighten up your room or even just your day? Alas, after some time your beautiful bloom may begin to wilt. But this is not the end; your wilted wonders can have a whole new life. Here’s a handy list of some of the ways you can re-purpose your wilted flowers.


The great thing about potpourri is its longevity. Why throw your wilted flowers away when you can turn them into not only a beautifully smelling ornament, but a lovely keepsake? Wait for the flowers to dry and even combine these petals with other fragrant items (such as herbs), and in one go your home looks and smells so much better!

Petal Pressing

By pressing the now wilted petals from your flowers, you transform them into a unique artistic item. Unleash your creativity in making anything from greetings cards, invitations or artwork in general. With every piece, you can be proud of its individualism and beauty.

Floral Fragrance

Other than their pleasing aesthetic nature, one of the main reasons we love flowers is their vibrant array of scents and smells. Just because your flowers have started to wilt, why waste their fragrant potential? The possibilities are endless: scented water, floral candles, soap, bath salts or even lip balm. Simply combine your wilted petals and create luscious floral scents for your home!

Steal the show with a centrepiece of wilted flowers

Is there any need to spend more of your hard earned money on festive decorations when you have flowers? You can rework your dried flowers into not only decorations, but combine them to form the perfect Christmas wreath or family centrepiece!

Why not leave them be?

Finally, it may seem a strange suggestion, but leaving your flowers to dry naturally can create a beautifully vintage colour scheme. Check out the variety of stunning flowers available at Lucy’s Florist here and enjoy them long after they begin to wilt!

Your flowers may be wilting, but don’t deny them the chance for a second lease of life. Let their effervescent beauty shine on into the future. We’d love to hear how you are re-using your flowers. Don’t forget to comment below!

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