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If your birthday falls in September you're in luck! Your birth flower is the cute-as-a-button Aster flower - part of the daisy family. 

aster flower

The Aster is a wildflower that comes in colours of red, orange, white and purple. It also has a rich history in Ancient Greece. According to Greek mythology, the goddess, Astraea, cried because there weren't enough stars in the sky. Her tears fell to earth and turned into the star-shaped flowers now called Asters. In Greek Aster literally means star. 

greek goddess astraea

The different colours of the wildflower also symbolise different meanings. Purple symbolises royalty and wisdom. White purity and innocence. Red and pink undying devotion. 

pink asters

What do you think of the Aster flower? Is it a favourite? We love any and all forms of daisies! If you want to learn more about the birth flowers for each month - check out our blog Do You Know Your Birth Flower.

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