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Here is a question we’re asked from time to time: ‘Do you create unique bridal flower arrangements?’

At Lucy’s florist we appreciate what our soon-to-be brides are asking, understandably they are not at all keen on a mass produced supermarket style bouquet for such an individual day. Yet we feel that every time we create a bridal bouquet and other flower arrangements they are 100% unique. Apart from anything else, each single bloom or stem is like no other!

Let’s talk about just four examples from our past creations, and we’ll link each to a page where you can admire them in detail. You might think deciding on a single featured colour, and it being red, would be a frequent choice. Yet, this isn’t so. However, as you’ll see for Catherine, it offered a stunning and standout impression with her hand-tied red roses bridal bouquet.

Utterly different, but equally stunning, was the choice Sarah took to match blue Singapore orchids, babies breath – and stunning peacock feathers – in her teardrop bouquet.

Back to roses, and a trio of matching bouquets, which paired some lighter colours in a bright yet mutedly stylish and stunning presentation. Shirley, and her bridesmaids, help emphasise, as Catherine’s bold statement also did, the versatility of this most popular flower.

Taking a different, but equally memorable approach, Doreen’s posy style bouquet matched white ranunculus with anenomes, and then offered subtle splashes of pink sweet pea and apricot roses, the latter utterly in tune with the stunning bridesmaid’s dresses.

There are many more examples you can enjoy, but we believe the emphasis should always be on the happy couple, the personality and style of the bride, and the unique day the two central characters want to create. From our understanding of all this, we can then work together to select a colour palette that will highlight – perhaps even add to – the desired ambience.

A glance at our different artistic or love and romance collections should provide an impression of how we can let our imaginations flow and create wedding flower concepts that are as traditional or quirky, stylish or even funky, as you want them to be!

Are you ready to talk about how you’d like your wedding bouquet and flowers to be? If so, simply call (02) 9799 2111 now.

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