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In celebration of spring ahead, we're appreciating a beautiful native Australian plant that we've seen out and about on Sydney's streets - the hardy yet stunning wattle.

With over 1,200 varieties found in Australia, wattles are huge pollinators and each one provides a whole micro-ecosystem to our birds and bees. We love seeing it and want to see it everywhere, even more. So here's an appreciation thread so you feel the same. 

Acacia Baileyana Yellow Wattle Tree Flower


A beautiful golden tree that shines in spring!

Acacia dealbata (Silver Wattle)

Also known as silver wattle - this tree comes first place for us! 

Acacia cognata

Also known as 'Limelight River Wattle' this wattle comes as a shrub and is great for hedging and borders.

Acacia Leprosa

Known colloquially as 'Scarlett Blaze' this tree features gorgeous orange and red flowers that are a true Australian delight.


We hope we've inspired you to go outside and observe your native wattle trees (or bushes) this spring! Let us know if you spot any interesting varieties on our socials @lucysflorist.

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