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With Christmas just around the corner its time to start thinking about buying Christmas presents. While buying for family and friends can often be a fairly straightforward process, as you either get given hints as to what they want or you can recall discussions on things they like, gift giving for work colleagues is often much more difficult. With Kris Kringle gift giving being quite popular for many businesses, you often have to buy Christmas gifts for colleagues who you don’t know on a personal level.

Pot plants

Pot plants are often a great gift to give work colleagues as they brighten up their workspace. Depending on the variety and if they are maintained well, pot plants can last for an extended period of time. Some of our own pot plants that would make great Christmas gifts include; Anthurium plants, Orchids and Peace Lilies.


Our Gourmet hampers are a fantastic gift for work colleagues, because these are popular to share with friends and family on Christmas Day. As they are filled with such a wide array of products there is something to suit everyone’s tastes, so hampers never disappoint. At Lucy’s Florist, we can deliver to you or your recipient in and around the Summer Hill area.


Candles make a lovely Christmas gift for work colleagues, especially if you are looking for cost-effective gift giving ideas. The type of scented candle you choose should be dependent on the receiver and their personal tastes.

Cheese boards and serving platters

Cheese boards and serving platters make ideal gifts for work colleagues, as these are perfect for all types of social occasions. When choosing a platter or cheese board to give as a gift, the design you decide on should be based on who you are gifting it too.

These are some great gift ideas to help simplify Christmas shopping for your work colleagues. Are you wanting further inspiration on pot plants or flowers to give work colleagues for Christmas? Then you may be interested in a decor delivered to your workplace. If you’d like assistance finding the right gifts for your work colleagues for Christmas, visit Lucy’s Florist for a large selection of hampers, pot plants, candles, chocolates and floral arrangements to make gift selection simple and easy.

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