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Yes you read the title right! According to University of Southern California, giving a name to inanimate objects builds a relationship with them and makes you more likely look after them. So, why not apply this rule to houseplants?! Aside from helping you anthropomorphise your plant and take better care of it, there are other benefits to naming your plants. 

Naming A Plant Can Help With Loneliness

It sounds strange but according to USC, naming something helps you build a relationship with it, and they've found in turn that than this can help stave off loneliness that's connected to a whole host of issues such as heart disease and strokes. 

How To Choose A Name


A rose by any other name would smell as sweet...well not in this case! Here you want an individual and unique name you'll easily connect to. 

Go Literal

Some choose to adapt a plants botanical name e.g. 'Snake-y' for a snake plant?

Be Sentimental 

Maybe you want to name your plant after a beloved grandmother or pet that has since passed. These names often have a whimsical charm to them as well, think 'Margaret' or 'Fido'. 

Remind Yourself

Finally, you could choose a name that will help you remember something important about your plant. Maybe your plant loves to be misted and therefore you call her 'Misty'. Maybe your plant is poisonous to cats in which case you could name her 'Maleficent'. The name can double as a practical reminder of how to care for it.

A pretty weird blog post, huh? But it makes sense - even if you've never thought of it before - give it a try! It's an adventurous idea. Let us know in the comments if you end up naming your plant and what you call him/her/it. 

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