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Has your boss recently celebrated a milestone in their personal or work life? Then why not give the gift of flowers? Flowers are a thoughtful present and a stunning arrangement will look beautiful on your boss’s desk, impressing all visitors.

It might be tempting to buy the flowers yourself, but it’s perhaps best to get all your colleagues involved in the gift so you aren’t seen to be hinting at favours. And anyway – the more people who contribute to the bouquet, the more impressive the arrangement will be!

Maternity flowers

If you boss is soon departing on maternity leave, flowers can be a beautiful gift for them to take home. You can add to the arrangement by adorning the bouquet with baby-related gifts, such as a teddy, baby book or picture frame.

If you know the sex of the child, why not purchase pink roses for a girl? Or order tulips with a blue ribbon for a boy?

Sympathy flowers

If you boss has recently lost a loved one, flowers can truly express condolences and make your chief of staff feel comforted they have the support of the team during a time in need.

If your boss is taking time off work because of the loss, arrange to have the flowers sent to their home to show you and the team have the boss in your thoughts.

Get well flowers

No one likes to be stuck in hospital, and for a boss it can be extra stressful if they know they are getting behind in work. A bright floral arrangement can be the perfect gift to send to your manager during this unhappy time, brightening up their space and making them feel better.

Attach a card letting your boss know you and the team are staying on top of the work, allowing them to focus on getting better.

Birthday flowers

If you know it’s your boss’s birthday coming up, why not arrange a stunning bouquet for their big day? Make sure everyone in the team signs the card with a thoughtful message, and choose flowers that are bright and fun for this happy celebration. Chances are, if it was your birthday, your boss would do the same for you.

Have you ever bought flowers for your boss? What was the occasion and what arrangement did you buy?

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  • By Tariq Mohamed

    Yes today ,and am shaking to inform her that it was from me 🤣

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