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With coronavirus looming over everyone's head it's a stressful time. To top it off, we're all self-isolating meaning we may be feeling even more on edge than usual. That's why it's so critical to be compassionate to yourself and consider self care or simple ways to destress during this unique period.

De-stress With Flowers 

flowers in living room

Did you know, research conducted by the American Society of Horticulture Science found that surrounding yourself with fresh flowers and plants mitigates physical pain and eases anxiety?

In a study, they separated post-op patients into two groups - one group was required to heal in a room without foliage. Another group recovered in rooms filled with flowers. Can you guess which group recovered faster? Those patients surrounded by flowers had lower blood pressure, lower heart rate, and reported lower ratings of pain, fatigue and anxiety. 

The Moral Of the Story?

flowers and plants in living room

Surround yourself with plants! Especially in stressful times, your body needs it. The above study is just one of many that shows we're flower-loving people that can benefit from numerous health advantages by brining nature indoors. 

Don't Want To Go Out? 

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