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Terrarium Greenhouse Ecosystem

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Terrarium Greenhouse Ecosystem -- a living forest, for your home or office! A glass enclosed garden, which amazingly survives within its own ecosystem. An awesome gift idea, or a little something for yourself.

Our terrarium soil is highly specialised for terrariums as it contains correct pH levels, balanced nutrients, and components for draining and water retention through capillary action. This maintains a high-quality ecosystem that will establish over time, thrive, and age. All our terrariums go through a thorough establishing phase to stabilise all life within. This ensures it will continue to grow and thrive!

Choice of plants depends on availability and size -- regardless, each living ecosystem is guaranteed to be beautiful and add life to any home or office!

  • Terrarium Small - 1 plant in a cylinder glass case -- 15cm height x 15cm diameter
  • Terrarium Medium - 2 plants in a glass fishbowl -- 20cm height x 25cm diameter
  • Terrarium Large - 3 plant in a tall cylinder glass case -- 40cm height x 15cm diameter