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As we face and usher in 2024, we also have this desire for only good things to come in our lives. Although there are different practices or cultures, most believe in the power of symbols represented by things to attract these good things, such as good health, luck, prosperity, wealth, and more.

There are fruits, colours, and of course, flowers. In this blog, let’s discover an array of flowers that are popularly believed to bring or attract positivity for the new year. 


Photo by Man Dy

Widely considered as a symbol of luxury, good luck, and love, making them one of the most popular choices for new year celebrations. They are also a sign of wealth and abundance, and are believed to bring good fortune to your place.


Photo by Valeriia Miller

Love peonies? You’ll love to have them even more in your home for good energy this new year. In general, this flower symbolises good luck, prosperity, and love, while in China and Japan, they mean wealth, fortune, and honour.



Photo by Cats Coming

A classic choice that could brighten up someone’s day is also a choice to bring good luck and energy for this new year. Sunflowers are a symbolism of lasting happiness, positivity, and good luck.



Photo by Silvia Corradin

In many cultures around the world, marigolds are a symbolism of good fortune, wealth, and optimism. They are also believed to ward off negative energies and in some religions, they provide protection from evil spirits.



Photo by Jacek Mleczek

Daffodils are one of the heralds of spring and because of this they symbolise new life, new beginnings, and hope. In Chinese symbolism, they bring good luck, fortune, and wealth. If you’re also looking for luck in your career this new year, you can count on this bloom as they are auspicious for those seeking a successful one.


As you go on embracing 2024 with so much hope and anticipation, invite positivity and good fortune in your life with these blooms.

May we all have a happy and good year ahead! ♥️

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